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Balancing kindness and assertiveness can be pretty challenging.
I’ve come to realize that first, you need to gain respect. Then, with it, you earn the luxury to be nice.

#senior level professional #ambivert #all Industries #strategy #leadership skills #team work
silvia cavalcanti
Head of Brand Strategy @ Publicis.Sapient

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Network with meaningful connections who add to your network in positive ways. Keep in mind that companies often poach employees from their direct competitors. Make sure you are being seen by the right people and if that’s someone you don’t know well, include a note. Don't make it hard for recruiters or potential employers to find your resume or LinkedIn.

#any level #ambivert #all Industries #interviewing skills
lauren newton
UX Recruiter and Content Strategist @ Facebook

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Understand what your salary is accounting for, which can actually make you better at your job. If you think there's an imbalance, ask for more pay when you know you deserve it--you can't be your best self at work if you're constantly worried about paying your bills.

#mid-level professional #ambivert #all Industries #salary negotiation skills
Jane Barratt
CEO @ GoldBean

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The one word that comes to mind is “vulnerability”. There will be times during your career where things are overwhelming and difficult - emotionally, mentally and physically (e.g., family crisis, lots of work that needs to get out the door, etc). And it’s ok to let your team members know what’s going on and get support. And yes, it is ok to also say that you just can’t come into work today. I bring that “vulnerability” to work every day, it’s my super power. It provides a safe space for other people to come to work and bring their full selves - if you are going through something difficult and then you come to work and shut it off, you aren’t really “showing up”. And “showing up” allows you to tap into areas you didn’t even know existed.

#mid-level professional #extrovert #strategy #leadership skills
Krystle Watler
TitleSenior VP, Head of Business Development, Americas @ Virtue

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Your career is an opportunity to do some of your most profound spiritual work.

#mid-level professional #ambivert #all Industries #experience #strategy #interviewing skills #salary negotiation skills
Melissa Abe
Program Manager @ Airbnb

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