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Whatever you do, don’t take the first offer--everyone likes a little bit of a battle, but at the same time don’t encourage a guessing game. Give feedback on every point of the negotiation while being direct about what you want, but be sure to consider the whole package (like extra holidays, maternity leave, etc.). Think about it as a long-term investment that’s not just about the immediate income.

#any level #ambivert #all Industries #salary negotiation skills
Rachel Conlan
Global Brand Partnerships Sports @ CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

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As a manager, it's important for you, your managee, and the work itself that you be entirely honest. Tough conversations often require a written list of topics to use as a check-list. It'll help you keep on track, get it all out, and frame the feedback in an actionable way.

#mid-level professional #introvert #advertising #experience #leadership skills #team work
Kari Niles
VP, Sr. Creative Director @ Audible

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When asking for a raise, if they say budgets are set, you should ask if there are any extraordinary business conditions in which the board would be willing to make an exception if truly amazing value delivery was achieved.

#mid-level professional #ambivert #all Industries #salary negotiation skills
Cindy Gallop
Founder @ MakeLoveNotPorn

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People tend to overshare or undershare their information in an interview, and it's important to find that sweet spot that resonates with the business or interviewer. Some pointers before going into an interview or networking session: stay relevant, be aware of industry and technology changes if you are using an old resume. Additionally, ensure there are no misrepresentations-be responsible for your own accurate information (GPA, statuses, etc.) and prove that you have the core competencies needed to complete the job. Lastly, include “references available upon request” to always invite further inquisitions.

#entry level professional #ambivert #all Industries #interviewing skills
Kelly Shea
Director @ Russell Tobin & Associates

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In-person meetings allow you both to participate in the act of actively listening. Remove the spirit of defensiveness and go in with an air of understanding.

#any level #extrovert #strategy #team work
Erin Noel
Director of People & Culture @ Stink Studios

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