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Communication is key. Entitlement and confidence are two different things, and the former won’t get you anywhere you want to be. Apologizing and talking too much after you make your case leaves room for employers to negotiate down; remain calm, cool and collected and you’ll have a better shot at getting what you want.

#any level #ambivert #strategy #salary negotiation skills
Whitney Radia
Co-CEO/Founder @ Misfit Talent

The way in which ideas come to life is from having so many people involved in everything we do so much so, that the notion of the singular leader who knows it all and has is it all figured out is dwindling. Instead, what’s emerging are leaders who’re able to hold their vision and see other people's talents to which they can extract to the fullest.

#mid-level professional #ambivert #advertising #strategy #leadership skills
Ozioma Egwuonwu
Founder (Strategist, Consultant, Speaker) @ BurnBright

Never underestimate the power of interview preparation.
1. Read up about the agency you're interviewing for - any previous work they've done - and have an opinion about it.
2. Know your own portfolio inside out.
3. Prepare a set of questions to show your interest - who they are inspired by, what culture they have at the agency or what vision they have for the company.

#entry level professional #ambivert #advertising #all Industries #strategy #interviewing skills
Madelaine Gnewski
Content Creative @ McCANN

Love is “knowing within” what feels right. It's allowing to give your body space and relaxation and letting it tell you what it needs. Be cautious of the tension at your hinge, where your lower jaw connects with your upper jaw. Feel the soles of your feet touch the soles of your shoes and be more conscious of your body. In the end, I personally believe that success comes down to gratitude. Avoid comparing other people’s success, especially without coming back to your own goals as they should be made attainable for you and not for other people.

#any level #introvert #all Industries #interviewing skills
Gemma Gambee
Creative Strategist @ Gemma Gambee Consultancy

Negotiation in the workplace is a skill that comes with practice and experience. That being said, know the value you're bringing to the job because if you don't, how is your potential employer meant to know it? My number one tip is being uncomfortable with being uncomfortable and to not take anything that happens personally. Rather, look at it as a transaction that has to happen.

#any level #ambivert #all Industries #interviewing skills #salary negotiation skills
Rachel Conlan
Global Brand Partnerships Sports @ CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

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