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I spent a long time trying to be a type of leader that I thought I should be or the type of leader people expected of me. I finally said I have to be who I am, even though that’s quite different from the old idea of a leader. There is no one right kind of leadership; you pick the right leadership for you and the situation you’re in. Although you might have to adjust who you are in certain situations or talking to different people, everyone has to do that. Feel comfortable with who you are and how you approach the work you want to do, don’t try to be something else.

#senior level professional #ambivert #all Industries #leadership skills
Heather Fullerton

When asking for a raise, if they say budgets are set, you should ask if there are any extraordinary business conditions in which the board would be willing to make an exception if truly amazing value delivery was achieved.

#mid-level professional #ambivert #all Industries #salary negotiation skills
Cindy Gallop
Founder @ MakeLoveNotPorn

Whenever you get into one of those jammed up places, you’re probably holding onto something that’s holding you back. In order to continue forward, you have to be willing to accept the loss of yourself that you previously valued but should be growing into something new. This means, know which piece of your life isn’t feeding yourself that way it used to, and be transparent about the struggles of your goals.

#any level #ambivert #all Industries #interviewing skills #leadership skills #salary negotiation skills #team work
Sally Simms
Founder @ Group Project

If you fall 7 times, make sure to get up 8 times. Don't be afraid of failure, but be afraid of not putting in the effort.

As a leader, you need to reach goals through others, therefore you need to inspire, motivate and influence from the front.

#any level #extrovert #all Industries #strategy #leadership skills
Peter Espersen
Managing Partner @ Watershed

Getting to know team mates doesn't have to be "fluffy". Learning more about how everyone works, thinks, needs support and can give support will go a long way into fostering a better environment leading to better work.

#any level #all Industries #team work
Jenny Cavaioli
Strategist & Org Designer @ Independent Consultant

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