interviewing skills

Know yourself inside and out. What do you want? What do you like? What do you want to be like? Self reflection is a key to understanding the answers to each of these questions, and being meticulous in self reflection will help you to present yourself as the person you want to be perceived as.

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Dana Siomkos
Owner and Talent Scout @ You & Them

leadership skills

The one thing I’ve learned is leadership doesn’t have to have titles attached to it. So whether you are at an associate level or a CEO, you are constantly in situations where you have to act as a leader. How are you going to act in a particular situation? Are you going to be decisive and direct, or are you going to be passive aggressive? What judgment are you going to execute at that moment? Leadership is not about titles.

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Jinal Shah
S'well VP, E-commerce & Omnichannel Marketing @ S'well

presentation skills

Your personal image is also your personal brand, so when you're on the job hunt, your entire LinkedIn page should be reflective of your personality. This is important because oftentimes, your profile can be your first impression to employers and recruiters.

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lauren newton
UX Recruiter and Content Strategist @ Facebook

salary negotiation skills

If you’re negotiating in the workplace, understand the company and do thorough research about what they’ve done historically. The right timing is important. Know when your fiscal year is. Know when to ask for that pay rise or that promotion.

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Rachel Conlan
Global Brand Partnerships Sports @ CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

team work

Simplify your life. Filter out the noise. Find your north star and go after it fearlessly. While doing this, invest heavily in building a deep community of mentors, cheerleaders and friends because nothing gets achieved when you go solo.

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Geetika Agrawal
CEO/ Founder @ VAWAA
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