interviewing skills

Potential, potential, potential: negotiations shouldn’t just be about the present. Consider your future; your career path, your personal goals and more should factor in to what you ask for. Play up your potential too--it’s not just what you’ve already DONE, it’s what you can DO that makes you valuable to your future employer.

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Eve Bates
Talent Scout @ You & Them

leadership skills

I spent a long time trying to be a type of leader that I thought I should be or the type of leader people expected of me. I finally said I have to be who I am, even though that’s quite different from the old idea of a leader. There is no one right kind of leadership; you pick the right leadership for you and the situation you’re in. Although you might have to adjust who you are in certain situations or talking to different people, everyone has to do that. Feel comfortable with who you are and how you approach the work you want to do, don’t try to be something else.

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Heather Fullerton

presentation skills

If you're interviewing, think about your personal branding as the narrative you build for yourself and as your memoir, which is how you'd like to be remembered. Don't confuse it with a biography, which is just a pure description of your life.

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Julie Cottineau
Founder @ Brand Twist

salary negotiation skills

Communication is key. Entitlement and confidence are two different things, and the former won’t get you anywhere you want to be. Apologizing and talking too much after you make your case leaves room for employers to negotiate down; remain calm, cool and collected and you’ll have a better shot at getting what you want.

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Whitney Radia
Co-CEO/Founder @ Misfit Talent

team work

The beauty of coming together as a team is that it gives each person an opportunity to expand beyond their individual role. The art comes in getting everyone excited about a new possibility and then making it fun (and safe) to explore the edges of both individual contribution and what you are collectively dreaming about. Be generous. Who you are being in the room is really important. I like to think of my role as holding space for everyone to feel welcome and for a bit of magic to happen.

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patricia garcia-gomez
Founder @ Studio P
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