interviewing skills

The purpose of building your resume is rebranding and advertising yourself to potential employers while thinking about who those people are and framing the resume to be helpful from their perspective. You want to stand out, make an impact, peak interest, and eventually get the interview. Your resume should have all the appropriate and professional components of a resume, but don’t let it ramble or present things that you should rather discuss in interviews (salary information, reasons for leaving a job, headshot, etc.)

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Kelly Shea
Director @ Russell Tobin & Associates

leadership skills

Believe in creating real change in your business and further, the world. Think about “what change will you create in the world?" This is work that requires a real sense of ambition, fearlessness, comfort with ambiguity and the unknown, but you can always be the part of the change that transforms organizations, societies, and people. Personally, I’m a huge believer in envisioning and writing down on paper what you want.

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Jessica Tillyer
Managing Creative Director @ SYPartners

presentation skills

Great presenters always do these 5 things:

1. Consider their audience - great presenters determine who they are talking to and how much they know about the subject to establish the purpose of the presentation.

2. Organize their thoughts - they focus on delivering three main ideas that begin with a solid opening and end with a strong close, including a call to action.

3. Channel positive energy - they maintain an open and confident body posture, use gestures to emphasize their points and show enthusiasm with facial expressions.

4. Connect and engage with listeners - they use eye contact to keep listeners engaged and to maintain a conversational feel.

5. Practice constantly - they are familiar with concepts to ensure a smoother delivery and focus on being themselves while getting they ideas across.

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Jocelin Martinez
Founder @ Jocelin Martinez Communications Training

salary negotiation skills

Remember 75% of people who ask for raises get some kind of pay bump.So just ask.
And if they say it’s not possible, ask for a timeline on when it would be appropriate. Get them to agree to a future date.

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Cindy Gallop
Founder @ MakeLoveNotPorn

team work

Create expectations and a structure around getting to know your colleagues on a personal level that is within work hours and doesn't rely on alcohol so everyone can participate. For instance, regular weekly or monthly lunches that don't get moved.

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Molly Aaker
Senior Brand Strategist @ Freelance
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