interviewing skills

You don’t need somebody else’s permission to have the career you actually want. Everything that you do has transferrable skills to the job that you probably want to do later on. You don’t need to be the person who says, “Oh, I only have 20% of those skills so I’m not going to apply.” It’s really about saying how can I make sure that I am I casting myself in the right light in order to go after that next job - be it within your current organization with the sponsorship of someone or be it outside because you actually have those skills. Some of them you will learn on the job, and that’s ok. You can do it.

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Christina Goldschmidt
Design Director @ Accenture

leadership skills

To be a great leader, you need to design your achievement targets to hold yourself accountable.

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Ektaa Aggarwal
Lead Innovation Trainings and Workshops Designer/Innovation Architect @ Accenture

presentation skills

Creative Directors, don't over-explain your creatives' point during a pitch or client meeting. If you brought them to the meeting it's because you thought they could articulate the work themselves. Also, there's no need for 5 people to answer the same client question. Clients hate that. Fact.

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Ale Lariu
Co-Founder @ SheSays

salary negotiation skills

Communication is key. Entitlement and confidence are two different things, and the former won’t get you anywhere you want to be. Apologizing and talking too much after you make your case leaves room for employers to negotiate down; remain calm, cool and collected and you’ll have a better shot at getting what you want.

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Whitney Radia
Co-CEO/Founder @ Misfit Talent

team work

Simplify your life. Filter out the noise. Find your north star and go after it fearlessly. While doing this, invest heavily in building a deep community of mentors, cheerleaders and friends because nothing gets achieved when you go solo.

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Geetika Agrawal
CEO/ Founder @ VAWAA
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