interviewing skills

Potential, potential, potential: negotiations shouldn’t just be about the present. Consider your future; your career path, your personal goals and more should factor in to what you ask for. Play up your potential too--it’s not just what you’ve already DONE, it’s what you can DO that makes you valuable to your future employer.

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Eve Bates
Talent Scout @ You & Them

leadership skills

The best speaker is present in the room and ready to have a conversation.
It’s not magic but practice. Be prepared. Think about what the conversation is about and what you want to achieve. Don’t forget how others might be thinking.
Be confident.
Collaborate. You don’t have to know it all. Be honest about what you know and ask others.

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Aurelie Harp
Founder, CEO @ The Womanity Project

presentation skills

Your personal image is also your personal brand, so when you're on the job hunt, your entire LinkedIn page should be reflective of your personality. This is important because oftentimes, your profile can be your first impression to employers and recruiters.

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lauren newton
UX Recruiter and Content Strategist @ Facebook

salary negotiation skills

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. You are your best advocate and people don't read minds. They’re not going to know what you want unless you say it out loud.

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anchi laster
sn. project manager @ fogo

team work

Highly performing teams are aligned. When you start a project use an 'even-over' tool to help prioritize work and make sure everyone is working towards the same goal. List every goal of the project and get agreement which one should come to the top by saying "goal X even over goal Y".

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Bree Groff
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