interviewing skills

Don't be afraid to TWIST your personal passions into your professional expertise. For example, if you are a copywriter who plays the cello, describe how you approach language like you approach music. Talk about cadence and flow...finding the right rhythm in language.

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Julie Cottineau
Founder @ Brand Twist

leadership skills

The way in which ideas come to life is from having so many people involved in everything we do so much so, that the notion of the singular leader who knows it all and has is it all figured out is dwindling. Instead, what’s emerging are leaders who’re able to hold their vision and see other people's talents to which they can extract to the fullest.

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Ozioma Egwuonwu
Founder (Strategist, Consultant, Speaker) @ BurnBright

presentation skills

If you're interviewing, think about your personal branding as the narrative you build for yourself and as your memoir, which is how you'd like to be remembered. Don't confuse it with a biography, which is just a pure description of your life.

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Julie Cottineau
Founder @ Brand Twist

salary negotiation skills

Be prepared going in: Know what you want in the beginning and anticipate where things might go. Salary is not the only piece of the pie; if work from home and PTO are really important to you, make sure they are a part of the discussion. Knowing a company’s needs can help you push in the right areas to get what you want.

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Whitney Radia
Co-CEO/Founder @ Misfit Talent

team work

As a manager, it's important for you, your managee, and the work itself that you be entirely honest. Tough conversations often require a written list of topics to use as a check-list. It'll help you keep on track, get it all out, and frame the feedback in an actionable way.

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Kari Niles
VP, Sr. Creative Director @ Audible
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