interviewing skills

It’s a call to accept yourself for the way you are, not just the parts that you like, but the parts that are difficult. To counter self-love, there's an important piece we often don't think about: self-doubt. Know what it looks like. There is an inherent power in speaking about self-doubt. Sometimes people can’t work because they get drowned out by thoughts of self-doubt, but remember that the pursuit of perfection is completely inauthentic--everyone has different things to doubt and are able to challenge them in different ways, so do what works for you. There's no right way, and no path to perfect.

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Gemma Gambee
Creative Strategist @ Gemma Gambee Consultancy

leadership skills

To be a great leader, you need to design your achievement targets to hold yourself accountable.

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Ektaa Aggarwal
Lead Innovation Trainings and Workshops Designer/Innovation Architect @ Accenture

presentation skills

If you're interviewing, think about your personal branding as the narrative you build for yourself and as your memoir, which is how you'd like to be remembered. Don't confuse it with a biography, which is just a pure description of your life.

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Julie Cottineau
Founder @ Brand Twist

salary negotiation skills

From when you graduate, be unashamedly interested in money. Read salary surveys, ask colleagues, mentors and recruiters about it. Knowing the market and our market value will help us negotiate a better pay.

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Fabiana Xavier
Senior Creative @ SheSays UK

team work

The best speaker is present in the room and ready to have a conversation.
It’s not magic but practice. Be prepared. Think about what the conversation is about and what you want to achieve. Don’t forget how others might be thinking.
Be confident.
Collaborate. You don’t have to know it all. Be honest about what you know and ask others.

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Aurelie Harp
Founder, CEO @ The Womanity Project
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