interviewing skills

‘Cultural fit’ is the term people use to justify hiring white men. At Greater Good, we’ve counteracted that thinking by asking what candidates are looking for that represent their culture.

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Sara Cantor Aye
Design Lead and Co-founder @ The Greater Good studio

leadership skills

The beauty of coming together as a team is that it gives each person an opportunity to expand beyond their individual role. The art comes in getting everyone excited about a new possibility and then making it fun (and safe) to explore the edges of both individual contribution and what you are collectively dreaming about. Be generous. Who you are being in the room is really important. I like to think of my role as holding space for everyone to feel welcome and for a bit of magic to happen.

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patricia garcia-gomez
Founder @ Studio P

presentation skills

If you're interviewing, think about your personal branding as the narrative you build for yourself and as your memoir, which is how you'd like to be remembered. Don't confuse it with a biography, which is just a pure description of your life.

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Julie Cottineau
Founder @ Brand Twist

salary negotiation skills

I encourage everybody to share your money story; the more people talk about money, the less people feel shame or guilt about it. We live in a world that's still built on people with salaries, but the world has changed into contract jobs. The more people talk about money, the fewer people feel shame or guilt

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Jane Barratt
CEO @ GoldBean

team work

Getting to know team mates doesn't have to be "fluffy". Learning more about how everyone works, thinks, needs support and can give support will go a long way into fostering a better environment leading to better work.

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Jenny Cavaioli
Strategist & Org Designer @ Independent Consultant
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