interviewing skills

‘Cultural fit’ is the term people use to justify hiring white men. At Greater Good, we’ve counteracted that thinking by asking what candidates are looking for that represent their culture.

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Sara Cantor Aye
Design Lead and Co-founder @ The Greater Good studio

leadership skills

I really believe that failing at something is the only way of learning something truly new. As long as you can weather some tough times with relentless optimism, there is never a bad time to throw yourself in at the deep end and take some risks. You might fail - in fact there will certainly be things that don't work as you expect - but the more you expose yourself to risk... the more you'll reap in return. There is never a good time to do something different. So you might as well do it now.

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Cat How
Creative Director @ Polleni Branding Agency

presentation skills

Your personal image is also your personal brand, so when you're on the job hunt, your entire LinkedIn page should be reflective of your personality. This is important because oftentimes, your profile can be your first impression to employers and recruiters.

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lauren newton
UX Recruiter and Content Strategist @ Facebook

salary negotiation skills

From when you graduate, be unashamedly interested in money. Read salary surveys, ask colleagues, mentors and recruiters about it. Knowing the market and our market value will help us negotiate a better pay.

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Fabiana Xavier
Senior Creative @ SheSays UK

team work

As a manager, it's important for you, your managee, and the work itself that you be entirely honest. Tough conversations often require a written list of topics to use as a check-list. It'll help you keep on track, get it all out, and frame the feedback in an actionable way.

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Kari Niles
VP, Sr. Creative Director @ Audible
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