interviewing skills

Your career is an opportunity to do some of your most profound spiritual work.

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Melissa Abe
Program Manager @ Airbnb

leadership skills

Balancing kindness and assertiveness can be pretty challenging.
I’ve come to realize that first, you need to gain respect. Then, with it, you earn the luxury to be nice.

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silvia cavalcanti
Head of Brand Strategy @ Publicis.Sapient

presentation skills

Great presenters always do these 5 things:

1. Consider their audience - great presenters determine who they are talking to and how much they know about the subject to establish the purpose of the presentation.

2. Organize their thoughts - they focus on delivering three main ideas that begin with a solid opening and end with a strong close, including a call to action.

3. Channel positive energy - they maintain an open and confident body posture, use gestures to emphasize their points and show enthusiasm with facial expressions.

4. Connect and engage with listeners - they use eye contact to keep listeners engaged and to maintain a conversational feel.

5. Practice constantly - they are familiar with concepts to ensure a smoother delivery and focus on being themselves while getting they ideas across.

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Jocelin Martinez
Founder @ Jocelin Martinez Communications Training

salary negotiation skills

From when you graduate, be unashamedly interested in money. Read salary surveys, ask colleagues, mentors and recruiters about it. Knowing the market and our market value will help us negotiate a better pay.

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Fabiana Xavier
Senior Creative @ SheSays UK

team work

I like to reflect on my old journals, writings, and review old goals so I know when to move onto new goals and think about how I've done it in the past. My number one advice is to not be afraid to ask strangers for help and leave your comfort zone/don’t be afraid to go back. If you're looking to start something new, think "how hard can it be?" Just remember everyone has to figure it out when they do something the first time, so fake it till you make it and be patient!

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Farrah Bostic
Founder, Head of Strategy @ The Difference Engine
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