interviewing skills

Everything about you is a buildup of the things you’ve done so far; you're adding to the portfolio you’ve built and it’s all part of your growth. Job potentials should be matched to individual potential, and in a perfect world, careers should be shaped to the individual.

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Sally Simms
Founder @ Group Project

leadership skills

A good way to start practicing leadership is to lead a meeting. Prepare for it first with goals for the group. Then to establish yourself in the room and lead the meeting, a good hack is to stand up and be the first person at the whiteboard. Works every time.

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Jess Greenwood
Chief Strategy Officer @ R/GA

presentation skills

Creative Directors, don't over-explain your creatives' point during a pitch or client meeting. If you brought them to the meeting it's because you thought they could articulate the work themselves. Also, there's no need for 5 people to answer the same client question. Clients hate that. Fact.

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Ale Lariu
Co-Founder @ SheSays

salary negotiation skills

Women generally have good intuition so go with your gut. Be clear on what your skillsets are and what you want to pursue in your career. Make yourself able to stay at the table and continue being a great advocate of yourself.

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Rachel Conlan
Global Brand Partnerships Sports @ CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

team work

Get to know your colleagues and their personalities. This will inform the way you communicate and collaborate with them. Ask them early how they prefer to communicate, receive feedback and check-ins. 

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Siobhan Dingwall
Senior Press Officer @ NYC Comptroller
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