interviewing skills

Make sure your interview is not one-sided. You should be interviewing them, too! Consider what they might want to hear from you, both in your answers and in your questions. The employer wants to know how you can benefit them, so sell yourself in a way that can convince them that they are winning by hiring you.

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Dana Siomkos
Owner and Talent Scout @ You & Them

leadership skills

Balancing kindness and assertiveness can be pretty challenging.
I’ve come to realize that first, you need to gain respect. Then, with it, you earn the luxury to be nice.

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silvia cavalcanti
Head of Brand Strategy @ Publicis.Sapient

presentation skills

Remember to constantly check-in with yourself. Ask yourself, "How am I showing up to others?" Know how you are being observed, and be aware of the message you are sending.

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Gina Soloperto
Consultant @ Glue

salary negotiation skills

Be prepared going in: know what you want in the beginning and anticipate where things might go. Salary is not the only piece of the pie; if work from home and PTO are really important to you, make sure they are a part of the discussion. Knowing a company’s needs can help you push in the right areas to get what you want.

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Whitney Radia
Co-CEO/Founder @ Misfit Talent

team work

The beauty of coming together as a team is that it gives each person an opportunity to expand beyond their individual role. The art comes in getting everyone excited about a new possibility and then making it fun (and safe) to explore the edges of both individual contribution and what you are collectively dreaming about. Be generous. Who you are being in the room is really important. I like to think of my role as holding space for everyone to feel welcome and for a bit of magic to happen.

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patricia garcia-gomez
Founder @ Studio P
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