interviewing skills

Negotiation in the workplace is a skill that comes with practice and experience. That being said, know the value you're bringing to the job because if you don't, how is your potential employer meant to know it? My number one tip is being uncomfortable with being uncomfortable and to not take anything that happens personally. Rather, look at it as a transaction that has to happen.

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Rachel Conlan
Global Brand Partnerships Sports @ CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

leadership skills

As a leader, you are the one in charge of giving your team direction to where you’re heading and to steer them forward. But sometimes, my team takes lead and will steer the project a different way, and it’s oftentimes for the better. My role as a leader is to identify the best idea and to foster an idea to make it happen regardless of whose idea it was.

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Helene Alonso
Director, Interactive Experience @ The American Museum of Natural History

presentation skills

Creative Directors, don't over-explain your creatives' point during a pitch or client meeting. If you brought them to the meeting it's because you thought they could articulate the work themselves. Also, there's no need for 5 people to answer the same client question. Clients hate that. Fact.

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Ale Lariu
Co-Founder @ SheSays

salary negotiation skills

[While negotiating], you don't have to state your current salary - the question is not where you are, it's where you should be. Be specific and let them know what your deal breakers are.

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Whitney Radia
Co-CEO/Founder @ Misfit Talent

team work

Whenever you're having a tough time, remember that there's always someone who has a far harder job than you do right now. When thinking of others and trying to be empathetic, be careful that it doesn't come from a place of judgment and privilege. Have kindness for yourself and others, that's a much better word to use.

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Farrah Bostic
Founder, Head of Strategy @ The Difference Engine
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