interviewing skills

Your career is an opportunity to do some of your most profound spiritual work.

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Melissa Abe
Program Manager @ Airbnb

leadership skills

The vast majority of people show up to work every day wanting to contribute and be valued. As a leader, find ways to acknowledge and celebrate that. Even small wins deserve acknowledgement.

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Jenny Cavaioli
Strategist & Org Designer @ Independent Consultant

presentation skills

Creative Directors, don't over-explain your creatives' point during a pitch or client meeting. If you brought them to the meeting it's because you thought they could articulate the work themselves. Also, there's no need for 5 people to answer the same client question. Clients hate that. Fact.

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Ale Lariu
Co-Founder @ SheSays

salary negotiation skills

Whenever you get into one of those jammed up places, you’re probably holding onto something that’s holding you back. In order to continue forward, you have to be willing to let go of some things you previously valued and grow into something new. Know which piece of your life isn’t feeding you the way it used to.

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Sally Simms
Founder @ Group Project

team work

Find an ally. A mentor. An accountability partner. This person can be in your office or your network. The important point is to find a person who can help you stay on the right track and achieve positive growth.

#any level #ambivert #all Industries #team work
Gina Soloperto
Consultant @ Glue
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