interviewing skills

When trying something new or different, check to see if your grounds are covered. Do you have mentors or partners to support you? Remember to check your own ego. Are you really the right person to do that? Are you the right vehicle for that idea? Or does it just sound nice for you to do that thing? Be sure to check yourself and be comfortable with your answers.

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leadership skills

I spent a long time trying to be a type of leader that I thought I should be or the type of leader people expected of me. I finally said I have to be who I am, even though that’s quite different from the old idea of a leader. There is no one right kind of leadership; you pick the right leadership for you and the situation you’re in. Although you might have to adjust who you are in certain situations or talking to different people, everyone has to do that. Feel comfortable with who you are and how you approach the work you want to do, don’t try to be something else.

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Heather Fullerton

presentation skills

Remember to constantly check-in with yourself. Ask yourself, "How am I showing up to others?" Know how you are being observed, and be aware of the message you are sending.

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Gina Soloperto
Consultant @ Glue

salary negotiation skills

Never use the sentiment of "how much a company has done for you" when making important decisions (e.g. asking for a promotion, leaving the company, etc.). Anything an employer does for you is a direct reflection of your contributions. If they've been good to you it's because YOU earned it. Remember that.

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Anonymous @ Wire Stone - Accenture Interactive

team work

Highly performing teams create a 'psychologically safe' environment. That means people feel safe to disagree with each other.

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Bree Groff
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