interviewing skills

It’s important to think about how much of our true selves we bring to the work that we do. Everyone has their own cultural code or unique background that is always present in your work environment. You have the challenge to question which part of me am I bringing to a certain work environment and how much of yourself are you willing to give up to enter there.

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Ozioma Egwuonwu
Founder (Strategist, Consultant, Speaker) @ BurnBright

leadership skills

I believe clarity is the most important trait for leadership. Leaders might not know the exact answers, but they should be clear in the direction they want to go and their intentions. Clarity goes two ways for me: outward, as in knowing what we are we trying to do, and inward, as in how do I get the people working for/with me to understand where we’re going.

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Heather Fullerton

presentation skills

Your personal image is also your personal brand, so when you're on the job hunt, your entire LinkedIn page should be reflective of your personality. This is important because oftentimes, your profile can be your first impression to employers and recruiters.

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lauren newton
UX Recruiter and Content Strategist @ Facebook

salary negotiation skills

When asking for a raise, if they say budgets are set, you should ask if there are any extraordinary business conditions in which the board would be willing to make an exception if truly amazing value delivery was achieved.

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Cindy Gallop
Founder @ MakeLoveNotPorn

team work

Whenever you get into one of those jammed up places, you’re probably holding onto something that’s holding you back. In order to continue forward, you have to be willing to accept the loss of yourself that you previously valued but should be growing into something new. This means, know which piece of your life isn’t feeding yourself that way it used to, and be transparent about the struggles of your goals.

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Sally Simms
Founder @ Group Project
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