interviewing skills

‘Cultural fit’ is the term people use to justify hiring white men. At Greater Good, we’ve counteracted that thinking by asking what candidates are looking for that represent their culture.

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Sara Cantor Aye
Design Lead and Co-founder @ The Greater Good studio

leadership skills

Believe in creating real change in your business and further, the world. Think about “what change will you create in the world?" This is work that requires a real sense of ambition, fearlessness, comfort with ambiguity and the unknown, but you can always be the part of the change that transforms organizations, societies, and people. Personally, I’m a huge believer in envisioning and writing down on paper what you want.

#mid-level professional #extrovert #all Industries #leadership skills
Jessica Tillyer
Managing Creative Director @ SYPartners

presentation skills

Remember to constantly check-in with yourself. Ask yourself, "How am I showing up to others?" Know how you are being observed, and be aware of the message you are sending.

#any level #ambivert #strategy #presentation skills
Gina Soloperto
Consultant @ Glue

salary negotiation skills

Create an anonymous online survey that any company and individual can participate in with filters like years of experience and salary band. Publish the results. A kind of Salary Supermarket.

#mid-level professional #extrovert #film & photography #salary negotiation skills
Jack Brough
Creative @ Joint London

team work

Make sure to accommodate all differences on how people work in your team. Allow space for people to act and heard. Learn and use advantage of strength of people you work with.

#mid-level professional #ambivert #design #team work
Supisa Nishimura
UX Designer @ Microsoft
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