interviewing skills

The key things to show in an interview, when you have very little professional experience are:
Thinking outside the box
Times you've been out of your comfort zone
Team work
Whether this is through sports, travelling, internships or being the oldest of 5 children. If you give examples of how you've pushed yourself and used your initiative, you'll stand out. Also, remember to smile, charisma can take you far.

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Hazel O'Brien

leadership skills

As leaders, one of the largest gifts you can give yourself is to slow down. Slow down and listen to yourself. Listen to your body. If you are tired, your team is tired. If you are confused, your team is confused. If you are inspired, your team will be too. If you are clear on the direction, so is your team. With the simple act of slowing down, your impact will transform from unintentional to intentional.

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Kimberly Penharlow
Leadership Coach & Organizational Development Expert @ Kimberly Penharlow Consulting

presentation skills

Great presenters always do these 5 things:

1. Consider their audience - great presenters determine who they are talking to and how much they know about the subject to establish the purpose of the presentation.

2. Organize their thoughts - they focus on delivering three main ideas that begin with a solid opening and end with a strong close, including a call to action.

3. Channel positive energy - they maintain an open and confident body posture, use gestures to emphasize their points and show enthusiasm with facial expressions.

4. Connect and engage with listeners - they use eye contact to keep listeners engaged and to maintain a conversational feel.

5. Practice constantly - they are familiar with concepts to ensure a smoother delivery and focus on being themselves while getting they ideas across.

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Jocelin Martinez
Founder @ Jocelin Martinez Communications Training

salary negotiation skills

Never use the sentiment of "how much a company has done for you" when making important decisions (e.g. asking for a promotion, leaving the company, etc.). Anything an employer does for you is a direct reflection of your contributions. If they've been good to you it's because YOU earned it. Remember that.

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Anonymous @ Wire Stone - Accenture Interactive

team work

Passive aggressiveness is a waste of time. Be direct.

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Ericka Riggs
Foundation & Inclusion Manager @ The Advertising Club
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