interviewing skills

Whenever you get into one of those jammed up places, you’re probably holding onto something that’s holding you back. In order to continue forward, you have to be willing to accept the loss of yourself that you previously valued but should be growing into something new. This means, know which piece of your life isn’t feeding yourself that way it used to, and be transparent about the struggles of your goals.

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Sally Simms
Founder @ Group Project

leadership skills

The one word that comes to mind is “vulnerability”. There will be times during your career where things are overwhelming and difficult - emotionally, mentally and physically (e.g., family crisis, lots of work that needs to get out the door, etc). And it’s ok to let your team members know what’s going on and get support. And yes, it is ok to also say that you just can’t come into work today. I bring that “vulnerability” to work every day, it’s my super power. It provides a safe space for other people to come to work and bring their full selves - if you are going through something difficult and then you come to work and shut it off, you aren’t really “showing up”. And “showing up” allows you to tap into areas you didn’t even know existed.

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Krystle Watler
TitleSenior VP, Head of Business Development, Americas @ Virtue

presentation skills

Great presenters always do these 5 things:

1. Consider their audience - great presenters determine who they are talking to and how much they know about the subject to establish the purpose of the presentation.

2. Organize their thoughts - they focus on delivering three main ideas that begin with a solid opening and end with a strong close, including a call to action.

3. Channel positive energy - they maintain an open and confident body posture, use gestures to emphasize their points and show enthusiasm with facial expressions.

4. Connect and engage with listeners - they use eye contact to keep listeners engaged and to maintain a conversational feel.

5. Practice constantly - they are familiar with concepts to ensure a smoother delivery and focus on being themselves while getting they ideas across.

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Jocelin Martinez
Founder @ Jocelin Martinez Communications Training

salary negotiation skills

When asking for a raise, if they say budgets are set, you should ask if there are any extraordinary business conditions in which the board would be willing to make an exception if truly amazing value delivery was achieved.

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Cindy Gallop
Founder @ MakeLoveNotPorn

team work

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask people to collaborate - meet up for a coffee to share ideas and plan something creative. Some of my best work has come from a test shoot, collaborating with fantastic teams, resulting in much stronger images. It develops a network of like-minded people who you can bounce ideas around with and grow. I regularly do test shoots to get my ideas out there and have fun. You then have a reason to arrange meetings to share the new work, leading to new commissions.

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Anonymous @ Louise Hagger Photography Ltd.
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