interviewing skills

Negotiation in the workplace is a skill that comes with practice and experience. That being said, know the value you're bringing to the job because if you don't, how is your potential employer meant to know it? My number one tip is being uncomfortable with being uncomfortable and to not take anything that happens personally. Rather, look at it as a transaction that has to happen.

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Rachel Conlan
Global Brand Partnerships Sports @ CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

leadership skills

Don't just have an inspiring vision for you team. Have one that helps bring in business. A great team vision is also a business imperative.

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Ale Lariu
Co-Founder @ SheSays

presentation skills

If you're interviewing, think about your personal branding as the narrative you build for yourself and as your memoir, which is how you'd like to be remembered. Don't confuse it with a biography, which is just a pure description of your life.

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Julie Cottineau
Founder @ Brand Twist

salary negotiation skills

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. You are your best advocate and people don't read minds. They’re not going to know what you want unless you say it out loud.

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anchi laster
sn. project manager @ fogo

team work

If you are a manager or not, you should always ask for feedback and really reflect on it to create change and progress.

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Anastasia Sorokina
@ Sapient Razorfish
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